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CINEMA 4D R18 Compatibility Information – 3rd Party Products

CINEMA 4D R18 Compatibility Information – 3rd Party Products

Wondering if your plug-ins, renderer, or other add-ons are compatible with R18? We will keep this page updated with new information as we receive it.

Last Update: 10/05/16 with AAA Studio.

AAA Studio

Furryball RT v1.4 is now compatible with R18.

Biomekk (zBlur)

The current build of Biomekk zBlur (2.02.019) is fully compatible with R18.

CinemaPlugins (DEM Earth)

CinemaPlugins DEM Earth is Currently compatible with R18.

Curious Animal

All Curious Animal plugins are compatible with R18. Existing customers can get updated Activation Codes to work with R18 here:


Transform for CINEMA 4D v1.23 is now compatible with Cinema 4D R18 and has added Voronoi Fracture support. Customers who have purchased in the last 12 months will receive this update for free. Otherwise, you can purchase the renewal to receive the updated version. More Info

Insydium (X-Particles)

X-Particles for CINEMA 4D 3.5 Users: For all new users of X-Particles 3.5 and Unlocked licenses your license is ‘floating’ (Unlocked) and will already work in Cinema 4D R18. For all X-Particles 3.5 Locked users, your license will automatically associate your new R18 serial with your X-Particles license. A compatibility update to X-Particles 3.5 was released September 16th 2016.

X-Particles 2.5: Not compatible with Cinema 4D R18 and will not be updated. More Info

Jawset (Tubulence FD)

Jawset Turbulence FD for Cinema 4D is compatible with R18.

Navié (Effex)

Navié Effex is fully compatible with R18. Latest build is v2.70.80.

Laublab (VRAYforC4D)

VRAYforC4D users are advised to hold off on using R18 until a compatibility update, soon to be released. More Info

The Pixel Lab

All products from The Pixel Lab are R18 compatible.


All current Cinema 4D Plug-ins from Rodenburg also run with R18 including PhotoMatch and People in Motion.


Xfrog for CINEMA 4D is compatible with R18 with the newest v5.5 update.


This page will be updated with new information as we receive it – if you have a tip, please email and let us know so we can update our records. Thanks!

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