Make a Jurassic World Dinosaur in Maya + Pixologic™ ZBrush® #MayaMonday

Maya Monday

Four more parts to this gargantuan tutorial are now up on Tuts+! Soni Kumari at CG Tuts has put together an colossal 15 part series on making a hulking, bipedal T-Rex dinosaur with Maya and ZBrush. For fun, I’ve thrown in some interesting T-Rex facts along the way. For example, the T-Rex may be the most famous dinosaur, but scientists believe that it was actually an invasive species from Asia that evolved in North America. If you’ve been following along as the tutorial has gone up, there have been a few more installments.

To illustrate, the image below is what the final dinosaur will look like.

Creating a Jurassic World Dinosaur Character in Maya

Creating a Jurassic World Dinosaur Character in Maya

Dinosaur Part 1:

Part 1 starts with opening the sketches of the dinosaur that you’ll be using for reference. The reference images are linked at the tutorial page. In truth, they’re a bit difficult to find, so we’ve linked them below. After lining up the reference images, you’ll then draw the shape with the Create Polygon tool. Next, you’ll create the body mesh and then Leg and Hand Mesh. In the end, you’ll have most of the basic shape, minus the head, feet, and hands.

Go to Part 1     Download Reference images

Dinosaur Part 2

In this part of the tutorial, Soni shows you how to create the head, eyes, and nostrils of the dinosaur.

Part 2

Dinosaur Part 3

The T-Rex’s tiny were vicious weapons, for sure, even though they were so small.  In this part of the series, Soni creates the claws, fingers, and nails of the dinosaur in Maya. Did you know they only had two fingers on each hand?

Go to Part 3

Dinosaur Part 4

The dinosaur is really starting to take shape! In this part of the tutorial, Soni shows you how to create the inner mouth, jaw, and teeth of the dinosaur in Maya.

See Part 4

Dinosaur Part 5

In part 5 of the tutorial series, Soni adds details to the base mesh of the dinosaur character to increase mesh topology for smooth modeling.

Go to Part 5

Dinosaur Part 6

We’re getting to the end and it’s time to give to texture the T-Rex! Soni shows you how to unwrap the UVs of the dinosaur’s various body parts for the texturing in Maya.

Go to Part 6

Dinosaur Part 7

Did you know that the T-Rex was covered in scales, not feathers? In conclusion, Soni uses Pixologic ZBrush sculpting to add details and realism to the body of the dinosaur.

Go to Part 7

Dinosaur Part 8

In this tutorial, learn how to apply the materials on the body mesh and texturing the dinosaur body with ZBrush. Not only that, apply Materials on gums, teeth, and eyeballs.

Go to Part 8

Dinosaur Part 9

She shows you how to paint gums, teeth, mouth, claws, and nails of the dinosaur.

Go to Part 9

Dinosaur Part 10

Apply Sub Surface Scattering material with texture maps in Maya.

Go to Part 10

Dinosaur Part 11

Learn complete lighting and rendering of the dinosaur using Arnold engine in Maya.

Go to Part 11

Dinosaur Part 12 New

In this lesson, create the skeleton and joints of the t-rex. First, the focus is on the leg joints, ankles and toe joints, and them mirror them to the other side. Then, create the spine and tail joints. Finally, rig up the head and jaw.

Go to Part 12

Dinosaur Part 13 New

In Maya, create the various parent controls of the joints you put together in Part 12.

Go to Part 13

Dinosaur Part 14 New

Set the skin weight and set up controls for the skeleton for mesh deformation.

Go to Part 14

Dinosaur Part 15 New

Finally, you’ll finish creating remainder of the controls for the rigs you’ve created in Maya.

Go to Part 15

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