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Mamoworld Squash & Stretch with Tutorial from Creative Dojo

Mamoworld Squash & Stretch with Tutorial from Creative Dojo

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Squash and Stretch, one of the 12 Principles of Animation

Alan Becker has an interesting background on this fundamental of animation.

The Khan Academy has a great series from Pixar called Pixar in a Box. Below: the Squash and Stretch video.

Membrane deformer curious animalAre you a Cinema 4D user? Curious Animal Membrane Deformer is a Squash & Stretch Deformer

Membrane Deformer is a Cinema 4D plugin to help you rig stretchy elements like webbed feet and bat wings. Membrane Deformer makes rigging these otherwise tricky organic features amazingly simple – just select the points you want to be stretched in a point selection tag, add Membrane Deformer, and animate your object with any other deformer (including Cinema 4D’s character skinning tools). Then Membrane Deformer will take care of stretching your selected points between their surrounding points, which you control directly, even adding squash and stretch. You can limit the deformation to specific areas using the built-in falloff tab.

Note: Membrane Deformer has been discontinued.

Also check out Mamoworld Auto Lip-Sync

Mamoworld Auto Lip-sync

With this Auto Lip-Sync script, you can create a mouth that automatically animates according to your voice recording.

  • Automatic Animation: Fully automatic movement of the mouth – no need for keyframes
  • Step by Step Wizard: The step by step wizard guides you though the process.
  • Mouth Interior Animation: Optional animation of teeth and tongue – fully automatic and easy to adjust.
  • Fine Tuning: Easy and quick fine-tuning on top of the automatic animation. Control with convenient slider controls how wide the mouth opens and how it deforms, adjust the shape of the opened or closed mouth and set markers at points where you feel the mouth should have more of an O-shape.

Learn more about Mamoworld Auto Lip-Sync

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