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Maya Monday: More about Bifrost for Autodesk Maya

Maya Monday Bifrost for Maya

Bifrost, the visual programming environment in Maya, is a topic we’ve covered several times in the past few years. Today we’re featuring a five-part series on Bifrost basics from Steven Roselle of My Oh Maya. Then, a Bifrost Masterclass about the MPM Solver. First, though, a quick video introduction to Bifrost if you’re unfamiliar with it.

Below that, don’t miss the list articles with tutorials and news about Bifrost for Maya. It was released first in Maya 2019.2. In the Maya 2020 release, there Significant performance improvements in Bifrost for Maya. This includes cached Playback support and a new MPM cloth constraint compound that bring even more power to the visual programming environment in Maya.

Introduction to Bifrost for Autodesk Maya

Bifrost Basics Series from Stephen Roselle

Steven Roselle is the Senior Technical Specialist for Maya at Autodesk and has a fantastic YouTube channel called My Oh Maya. This series covers the new release of Bifrost in Maya 2019.2. These videos were out at SIGGRAPH 2020.

Bifrost Basics Part 1: Node Graph Intro

Bifrost Basics Part 2: Node Graph Continued

Bifrost Basics Part 3: Compound Intro

Bifrost Basics Part 4: Compounds Continued

Bifrost Basics Part 5: Referenced (json) Compounds

Bifrost Masterclass: MPM Solver

This masterclass video is from the Maya Learning Channel and is taught by Theodore Gast. He thoroughly takes you through the new material point solver in Bifrost for Maya 2020. This effect is perfect for creating elements such as dirt, sand, snow, cloth, and fibers.


More Tutorials and News about Bifrost for Maya

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