Can Rendering a Final Cut Pro X Timeline Speed Up Exports?

Does Rendering Speed up Final Cut Pro X Exports?

Peter from Idustrial Revolution does a test to see if pre-rendering will speed up exports in Final Cut Pro X. The results are indeed intriguing!

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Using Advanced Multicam Techniques In Final Cut Pro X

Idustrial Revolution has a very interesting look at three different multicam timelines. They’re using Advanced Multicam Techniques in Final Cut Pro X. In addition, each of these timelines has a slightly different build in the Angle Editor. It’s not just a collection of multiple cameras!

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Metadata in Final Cut Pro XMetadata in Final Cut Pro X

Sure, you want to speed up exports. But…. you can also speed up workflow by using metadata. This is a roundup of tutorials on speed organizing with metadata, creating custom metadata fields, and more.

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Posted by Michele Yamazaki