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Vegas Pro Color Correction and Color Grading Tutorial Roundup

Vegas Pro Color Correction and Color Grading Tutorial Roundup

First, we’ll start out with Vegas Pro Color Correction since you’ll do a color correction before you will grade your footage.

What is the difference between color correction and color grading? It seems like the words are used interchangeably in loose chat about projects. While there is cross-over with software and plug-ins which are used for both purposes, there is a fundamental difference in the processes and the terms are not interchangeable.

Color correction is used to make the colors more accurate by fixing white balance, black levels, saturation, contrast, etc. It is also used to match shots and elements in compositing. Color correction can even go into stabilizing flicker problems in the footage. To sum it up, always color correct your footage before color grading your footage.

Color grading is used to give style and an artistic look to footage and set the mood or tone. Sci-fi films tend to have crushed blacks and bluer tones. Romance movies may have warmer tones and a softer color palette. Action films often have saturated and contrasting colors.

In conclusion, we’ve collected a few tutorials Vegas Pro Color Correction and on Color Grading.

VEGAS Pro Color Correction Tutorial 2019

Dato Aliff Alex shows you some basic Vegas Pro Color Correction.

Vegas Pro Color Correction using the “Vegas Color Match” plugin in Vegas Pro 16

This tutorial is from furulevi and uses pink footage because of no infrared filter on the camera. He slightly corrects it by using a properly color corrected image. It’s definitely not a perfect color correction but it’s interesting and fast, none the less.

Vegas Pro Color Grade Tutorial: Like A Pro – Tutorial #409

JustAlexHalford explains how to color grade like a pro with Vegas Pro v16. Additionally, you can download the color grading presets here!

Deconstructing a Professional Color Grade in Vegas Pro 16

Hawaii Film School uses a sample project from Vegas Pro 16 to walk you through color grading. All in all, this is a really good tutorial for color grading in Vegas Pro.

Color Grading Plug-ins for Vegas Pro

Red Giant Magic Bullet LooksRed Giant Magic Bullet Looks

Effortlessly enhance and correct your footage, accurately reproducing the look of film stocks or lens filters.

Magic Bullet Looks includes 200 state-of-the-art fully-customizable Look presets, constructed to simulate the film look of well-known films and television shows and genres. The intuitive interface of Magic Bullet Looks is unmatched in the industry for ease-of-use and customization, and the results are absolutely impressive! In any event, download a demo and try Magic Bullet Looks now!

Note: Looks is only available as part of the Magic Bullet Suite.

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Boris Continuum Unit: Color and ToneBoris Continuum Unit: Color and Tone

Professional Color Grade and Toning Filters … and Scopes to Stay Safe!

Set the mood with professional color grading tools. Adjust brightness and contrast. Play with hue saturation. Includes 15 filters & 150+ presets. Cross-host license.

The Boris Continuum Unit: Color and Tone is included in the Boris Continuum Suite which is available as a subscription or a perpetual license.

Boris Color and Tone Unit

 Continuum Perpetual License

Continuum Subscription

To download a trial version, click on the product page.

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