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Game of Thrones VFX Part 3, Creating A Zombie Horde Battle Scene

Cheap Tricks | Creating A Zombie Horde Battle Scene - Game of Thrones VFX Part 3

Hashi of Action Movie Kid has been doing a mini-series on Game of Thrones effects, and it’s extremely entertaining! The Game of Thrones Parts 1 and 2 are here and the tutorials walk you through several great tricks to make your VFX look spectacular.

In part 3 of his Cheap Tricks Game of Thrones mini-series, Hashi dives into Creating A Zombie Horde Battle Scene! He gives some resourceful and creative methods of creating your animated undead warriors with professionally shot green screen footage, which you can download to play along. He uses Red Giant VFX Primatte Keyer, Shadow, and Supercomp; Red Giant Magic Bullet Colorista and Mojo; some color correction tools in After Effects; Video Copilot Element 3D, and a few more tools.

Get the Assets

The table of contents for the video is below as well as green screen contest information, as well as the greenscreen footage and 3D models

Game of Thrones VFX Part 3, Creating A Zombie Horde Battle Scene Tutorial

Table of Contents

0:00 – Intro
0:40 – Free Greenscreen Footage
3:05 – Dude of Beards
4:15 – Spot Blur/Compound Blur
5:13 – Interpret Footage Frame Rates
7:55 – Blast Patterns
9:35 – Zombie Battle
10:35 – Simple 3D Scene
11:15 – ProTip: Random Seed (with the Wiggles!)
13:15 – Sketchfab/Mixamo Zombie
14:19 – Exporting OBJ Sequences from Blender/C4D
15:00 – Animated Sequences in Element 3D
17:00 – Shatter that Zombie!
18:00 – ProTip: Thoughtful Effect Ordering
20:46 – Make a Zombie Horde
26:10 – Creepy Shadow Beast
29:39 – Particles from Video Layers

Download the Greenscreen Footage

Download the free warrior green screen footage. (File hosting by Digital Pigeon)

Get the 3D models

CC Attributions for Sketchfab

Action VFX Blood Mist

Download free blood mist footage

Free! RG Green Screen Competition

Use our free green screen footage in a creative way for a chance to win everything Red Giant makes! Full entry rules and instructions here.


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