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Luxury Hotel Room Interior Build Sketchup & V-Ray + Glass Tutorial

Luxury Hotel Room Interior Build Sketchup & V-Ray + Glass Tutorial

Surviving Architecture walks you through how she created luxury hotel room interior architectural renders using SketchUp and Chaos Group V-Ray Next for SketchUp. She begins with a CAD file and adds walls, bathroom fixtures, furniture, and decor elements. In the video, she mentions a problem she was having with glass turning blue. She found a workaround tutorial, and in fact, that tutorial is below this one. Make sure you scroll down to watch it and save yourself a search.

Luxury Hotel Room Interior Build SketchUp & V-Ray

How to create Realistic Glass Material in V-Ray Next for Sketch-Up Part 1

Here is the video from TN3D Studio about the workaround for the blue glass issue.

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