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RealFlow Case Study: Batman: Arkham Knight + Bonus Tutorial

RealFlow Case Study: Batman: Arkham Knight + Bonus Tutorial

Check out this case study with Brandon Young of Blur Studio, talking about working with Next Limit RealFlow on Batman: Arkham Knight. They had a VFX problem to solve involving the Batmobile shooting out of water and spraying liquid all over the place. Learn about how they solved it.

Here is the shot breakdown.

To read the case study on how they used RealFlow’s Hybrido fluid solver to create the effect, read Case Studies: Batman: Arkham Knight at the RealFlow site.

There’s also a recent tutorial that showcases the workflow between RealFlow, Autodesk 3ds Max, Thinkbox Krakatoa, Frost, Adobe After Effects and Chaos Group Vray.

Space Pyramid Rise by Niall Horn

Niall breaks down, step-by-step, his amazing Space Pyramid Rise shot.

Learn more about RealFlow 

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