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Assimilate Scratch burn-in node

Assimilate SCRATCH 9: Metadata Burn-In

November 5, 2019

Kevin P. McAuliffe has a two-part tutorial for Scratch v9.1. In the tutorial, you will learn how to setup your output tree with a burn-in node.

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Boris Continuum Beat Reactor

Beat Reactor from Mastering Continuum for Avid

October 22, 2019

Ben Brownlee shows Avid Media Composer editors how to use Continuum’s integrated Beat Reactor that uses audio to drive effects. No keyframing needed!

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Updates: Blue Cat M1 Updates

How To Create AAX PlugIns For Pro Tools And Media Composer

September 10, 2019

With Blue Cat Plug’n Script 3.2 you can export audio and MIDI plug-in creations as AAX plugins, which can be used in Avid Media Composer and Pro Tools.

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Burning Question What’s the difference between RE:Vision Effects Pro & Regular?

Burning Question: What’s the difference between RE:Vision Effects Pro & Regular plugins?

September 9, 2019

RE:Vision Effects Twixtor, ReelSmart Motion Blur, and RE:Match offer Regular and Pro versions of the software, so how do you know which version you need?

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boris Continuum motion blur

Boris FX Continuum Premium Filter Motion Blur Tutorial #gettingstarted

August 28, 2019

This series of tutorials shows you how to use the Continuum Premium Filter Motion Blur to simulate realistic motion blur or interesting stylized effects, in After Effects, Premiere Pro, Avid Media Composer, and DaVinci Resolve.

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Get Started Fast with Pro Tools

Get Started Fast with Pro Tools

August 13, 2019

Get Started Fast with Pro Tools is your manual for creating professional-level sound and music productions—from the first beat to the final mix.

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boris fx webinar replay 2019.5 siggraph preview

Boris FX Webinar Replay: 2019.5 Releases (SIGGRAPH Preview)

July 31, 2019

In this webinar replay, learn about all the new features inside Sapphire, Continuum and Mocha Pro 2019.5, from Ben Brownlee, the new Director of Learning and Content at Boris FX.  You may remember him from Curious Turtle training videos.

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sapphire builder tut

Avid: Using the Updated Sapphire Builder

July 9, 2019

In this tutorial, Damien LeVeck of Skubalon Creative explains what’s new in the Sapphire Builder (2019.5) for Avid and then shows you how to create a cool stylized effect when working with footage that needs to fit a specific aspect ratio.

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What's New in Media Composer 2021.9 , Avid Logo, Media Composer, Avid Sibelius, Avid Pro Tools

Work Faster in Avid Media Composer #TutorialTuesday #AvidMC

May 21, 2019

Today’s theme is working faster and more efficiently in Avid Media Composer. Below are some tools to help you achieve more speed! Update Note: Avid Media Composer did have a…

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Migrate Timelines NLE

Migrate Timelines in Multiple NLEs: FCPX, Premiere Pro, Avid, Resolve

March 5, 2019

There are many reasons to migrate timelines. Sometimes you just need to switch it up, whether it’s because of a new job, a new computer, or you just want to learn a new tool. Here are tips on bringing your old work into your new editor, and a few tips on setting into your new NLE.

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Drum Tutorials

Bang your Drum: A Roundup of Drum Tutorials

February 26, 2019

These Drum Tutorials start out with creating digital beats in Propellerhead Reason and then we’ll showcase a few tutorials about mixing live drums.

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newbluefx transitions 5 ultimate

NewBlueFX Transitions 5 Ultimate Walkthrough #gettingstarted

February 13, 2019

Learn how to make the most of your video transitions workflow with this NewBlueFX Transitions 5 Ultimate walkthrough tutorial.

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Andrew Scheps Drums Dirt Bus

Drums Dirt Bus from Andrew Scheps

February 12, 2019

Drums Dirt Bus from Andrew Scheps talks about iZotope Trash for creating drum distortion. He creates a pretty interesting tutorial.

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Avid: Essential Keyframing in Media Composer Knowledge

Avid: Essential Keyframing in Media Composer Knowledge

November 27, 2018

Soundsnap has a great beginners guide to keyframing in Avid Media Composer.  If you’re new to Avid, or new to keyframing, this article gives clear and detailed explanations on how to use keyframes to take your effects to the next level.

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Assimilate Scratch 9.0 Tutorials

Assimilate Scratch 9.0 Tutorials

September 26, 2018

Several tutorials went up recently for Scratch 9.0. This will give you a nice idea of what Scratch can do for you, from working with HDR, to Color Management, to working with Avid and Matchbox plugin shaders.

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