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Sapphire 2019.5 Overviews for Builder, S_ParallaxStrips, S_PixelSort, S_DissolvePixelSort

Sapphire 2019.5

Boris FX has some new tutorials for Sapphire 2019.5 that include Overviews for Builder, S_ParallaxStrips, S_PixelSort, and S_DissolvePixelSort. These videos are from some of the best software trainers out there, too!

Looking at the updated Builder in Sapphire 2019.5

New in Sapphire 2019.5: All Sapphire applications, the Effect and Transition Builder, Flare Designer, and Preset Browser, have been redesigned from the ground up and now feature a new look perfect for HDPI/Retina monitors. All applications now support video, replacing the previous single frame. The Effect and Transition Builder and Flare Designer also support output to a broadcast monitor.

To demonstrate, Damien LeVeck of Skubalon Creative talks about the new Builder in Sapphire with the Avid version of Sapphire 2019.5. Even if you’re not an Avid user, the plug-ins work the same in other hosts, so take a look!

Introduction to S_ParallaxStrips in Sapphire 2019.5

S_ParallaxStrips takes any image and divides it into strips separated apart in z space. The floating strips can seamlessly strip apart or form a complete image. Angle, size, speed, z-depth, and many more parameters can be adjusted for original and interesting looks.

In the video below, Ben Eshagpoor of beMOTION.Design first explains what Parallax is. Then, he demonstrates how this cool new plug-in works and what you can do with it.

Additionally, you may remember Ben’s recent tutorial Spicing up your Premiere Pro Timeline with Particle Illusion for Particle Illusion, which is included in Boris Continuum and in the Boris Continuum Unit: Particles.

Deep Dive into S_PixelSort and S_DissolvePixelSort inside of Sapphire 2019.5

S_PixelSort and S_DissolvePixelSort are fun modern ways to add digital glitchy distortion to your image — and it’s great for music videos or preset looks. PixelSort’s deep parameter set gives you total control over your desired result. Pair it with integrated Mocha tracking and masking or combine it with other effects inside Sapphire Effect and Transition Builder for slick, highly-stylized results.

To explain, Nick Harauz, the co-founder of Creative 111, shows the PixelSort effect and transition in Premiere Pro. The effect works the same in all hosts, so even if you’re not a Premiere Pro user, it’s worth watching the overview.

If Nick’s name sounds familiar, he and Ian Robinson did a webinar in May called Changing Day to Night with Sapphire and Mocha, which is a great watch.

For more videos about Sapphire, visit the Boris FX YouTube channel.

Sapphire 2019.5Update: Boris FX Sapphire 2019.5 Now Available

June 20, 2019

Sapphire 2019.5 is a major update that includes 4 new effects and transitions. Equally important, Boris FX has added streamlined workflows and OFX plugin support for Autodesk Flame 2020. Did you purchase Sapphire 2019 or have a current annual subscription? Or are you on a support plan? If so, this update is FREE!

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