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audified tonespot acoustic pro

Audified ToneSpot Acoustic Pro Complete Tutorial #gettingstarted

December 4, 2019

Learn how to use ToneSpot Acoustic Pro to improve the tone of stringed acoustic instruments such as acoustic guitar, piano, violin, cello, banjo or mandolin.

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match boom and lavalier audio with dialogue match

How to Match Boom and Lavalier Audio with iZotope Dialogue Match

December 3, 2019

Learn how to apply the ambience of a boom track to a lavalier recording without compromising the track’s clarity using iZotope Dialogue Match.

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izotope dialogue match feat

How to use iZotope Dialogue Match #gettingstarted

December 3, 2019

In this tutorial, you will learn how to best structure your Dialogue Match workflow, and take a tour of the fully resizable interface.

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Dynamic Christmas Tree

Dynamic Christmas Tree in Cinema 4D

December 3, 2019

This Dynamic Christmas Tree tutorial comes from Dave from CG Shortcuts. Learn how to create an animated Christmas Tree in Cinema 4D! We’ll be using dynamics in C4D to build a Christmas tree out of Christmas baubles.

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krotos Audio igniter

How to Create Helicopter Sound Effects in Krotos Igniter

November 26, 2019

Learn how to use Krotos Audio Igniter to create helicopter sound effects. Igniter, the industry standard for creating real-world/sci-fi vehicle/engine sfx.

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Maya monday ultra short maya modeling tutorial pizza pie

Maya Monday: Ultra Short Maya Modeling Tutorial #mayamonday

November 25, 2019

In this Ultra Short Maya Modeling tutorial, Mike Hermes explains how to use a pizza pie icon to regulate the steps of your parameter adjustments.

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Yanobox Nodes 3 Replicator

Yanobox Nodes 3 Replicator: Create Instances

November 12, 2019

Learn the functionality of the Yanobox Nodes 3 Replicator, a powerful tool that creates instances of forms or scenes, connects graphics, and more.

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Create Hair and Fur with Maya, XGen, and More... Plus Freebies

Maya Monday: Create Hair and Fur with Maya, XGen, and More… Plus Freebies

November 11, 2019

Learn about creating hair / fur with Maya using XGen, and working with V-Ray Next for Maya and Corona Renderer in Maya. Get Shave and a Haircut for free!

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Assimilate Scratch burn-in node

Assimilate SCRATCH 9: Metadata Burn-In

November 5, 2019

Kevin P. McAuliffe has a two-part tutorial for Scratch v9.1. In the tutorial, you will learn how to setup your output tree with a burn-in node.

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jaw rip tutorial hitfilm

How to Create a Pennywise Jaw Rip Effect + FREE Film Riot Stock

October 29, 2019

Tim Cowles at HitFilm explains how to make the freaky jaw rip effect that is from Stephen King’s IT film. It’s totally gruesome!

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crumplepop echoremover

Crumplepop Echoremover Tutorial #gettingstarted

October 25, 2019

Learn how to use Crumplepop Echoremover to remove echo and/or reverb from your audio, and achieve clean, professional-sounding results.

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premiumvfx creative portfolio

PremiumVFX Creative Portfolio Tutorial #gettingstarted

October 25, 2019

Watch this tutorial to learn how to use PremiumVFX Creative Portfolio to create beautiful professional portfolios with a modular design.

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cineflare highlight text

Cineflare HighLight Text Tutorial #gettingstarted

October 25, 2019

Learn how to use Cineflare HighLight Text to add pizzazz to your next video with animated highlighting topography.

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Dataclay Templater Rig, Pro & Bot Tutorials #gettingstarted

October 23, 2019

Watch these tutorials to learn how to use Templater 2 Rig, Pro and Bot to easily customize your After Effects videos with an elegant workflow.

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davinci resolve beginner to hero tutorial

Davinci Resolve 16 – Beginner to Hero Tutorial

October 22, 2019

Denver Riddle from Color Grading Central eases you into using DaVinci Resolve for color grading, how to not get intimidated, and go from a beginner to a hero.

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