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Burning Question USD

What is Universal Scene Description (USD)? #burningquestion

August 14, 2023

Universal Scene Description, or USD, is a scene encoding format for content creation that enables 3D applications to exchange assets.

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FumeFX Drone Aiming & Firing

FumeFX Drone Aiming & Firing – 3ds Max & Arnold

July 18, 2023

Learn how to create a drone that is firing lasers at a running robot using FumeFX 6 for 3ds Max. Plus, plant scattering and sand creation.

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Create flower animation in bifrost and maya

Create Flowers with Bifrost in Maya #mayamonday

July 17, 2023

Markus P. demonstrates how to create flower blossom animation in Bifrost with Autodesk Maya. Create the petal animations and point scatter.

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sustainable 3D

Rendering a Greener Future with Sustainable 3D Materials

July 14, 2023

Nick shows you the power of the new Sustainable 3D materials in Greyscalegorlla Plus, using a beautiful scene created by 3D Artist, Bjerkhof.

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What is a greeble?

Burning Question: Greeble… What is it and how to make your own

June 15, 2023

A greeble is really all about faking out your audience! It’s the small details that make something appear to be more complex than it actually is.

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Batch Paint Improvements in Flame 2024

Batch Paint Improvements in Flame 2024

May 16, 2023

In this 4-part series, see what’s new and improved in Batch Paint in Autodesk Flame 2024 and learn how to use these new features.

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5 Weird Things Maya Does & How to Fix Them! #mayamonday

5 Weird Things Maya Does & How to Fix Them! #mayamonday

May 8, 2023

Monica from Academic Phoenix Plus created a useful guide that clearly explains how to fix some errors you may see while using Autodesk Maya.

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thinkingParticles SplinePool & ME-L Features

thinkingParticles SplinePool & ME-L Features

May 2, 2023

Explore how to create gorgeous visual effects with the new ME-L access to the SplinePool Node of cebas thinkingParticles 7.3 Service Pack 1!

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How to choose the best 3D application for your needs

How to Choose the Best 3D Application for Your Needs

April 25, 2023

If you are serious about creating truly amazing visuals in 3D, it’s important to choose the right 3D application for your needs.

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chaos phoenix deform fire and liquids tutorial

Chaos Phoenix: Deforming Fire and Liquid Simulators

April 18, 2023

In this tutorial, Yane from the Chaos 3D team explains how you can achieve different looks in Phoenix by playing with modifiers to deform volumes and particles.  Plus, he also shows you how to shade mist for even more realistic results.

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Corona Scatter, Pattern, & Displacement

When to use Corona Scatter, Pattern, & Displacement

March 9, 2023

Jake from the Corona team talks about Scatter, Pattern, and Displacement in Chaos Corona for 3ds Max.

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Flamethrower fumefx

Create a Flamethrower with FumeFX for 3ds Max

March 7, 2023

Create a realistic flamethrower simulation with FumeFX in 3ds Maxm complete with a realistic blast with rolling fireballs and billowing smoke.

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scatter heirarches forest pack

How to scatter animated hierarchies with Forest Pack 8

February 9, 2023

In this tutorial from iToo, learn how to scatter basic rigs with the linked hierarchies toolset in 3ds Max and Forest Pack 8.

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FumeFX 6 Glass Fracture

FumeFX 6 Glass Fracture in 3ds Max

February 1, 2023

Learn to create realistic glass fractures with 3 different types of glass with SitniSati FumeFX 6 and 3ds Max. Try the FumeFX 6 beta!

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3D Product Maya 2023

3D Product Modeling Tutorial in Autodesk Maya 2023

January 30, 2023

Learn to model a 3D Product in Maya 2023 with 3DWolf. In this tutorial, he models a fancy pump bottle with Maya 2023.

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