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maxon 3d show tutorial

Maxon 3D and Motion Design Show 2022 – Archives

April 11, 2022

This is the place to go for all the Maxon 3D and Motion Design Show archives for the year. 

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Animation Crash Course: 6 Big ideas and how to use them together

Animation Crash Course + After Effects Animation Tools

April 6, 2022

Watch part 1 of Alex Grigg’s Animation Crash Course. It explains six fundamentals of animation. Learn acceleration, squash & stretch, more.

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century creative ultimate 3d titles tutorial

Century Creatives Ultimate 3D Titles Tutorial #gettingstarted

March 25, 2022

This tutorial shows you how to take your next Final Cut Pro project to the next level with the professionally-designed pack: Ultimate 3D Titles.

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UV Mapping

UV Mapping: Everything You NEED to know

March 22, 2022

UV Mapping is used in 3D modeling and allows users to use two-dimensional texture coordinates that correspond with the surface on a 3D model.

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c4d pen to paper tutorial

Cinema 4D: Pen on Paper Effects

March 15, 2022

If you’ve ever wanted to create a pen on paper effect in Cinema 4D, but are not sure of the best way to do it, check out this tutorial.   David Todman shows you how to create a flexible and art-directable rig for animating a seismograph needle in C4D.  Then, he also shows you a trick for creating pen on paper effects using Redshift render.

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reality capture reprojection tutorial

RealityCapture: Texture Reprojection From One Model to Another

March 8, 2022

This RealityCapture tutorial explains how to transfer textures from one model to another using the “Texture Reprojection Tool”.  It gives you much faster results than regular texturing in RealityCapture.

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In Depth Render Farms Network Rendering

In Depth: Render Farms / Network Rendering / Distributed Rendering

March 4, 2022

The idea of network rendering is to distribute your render over a network, or farm, of computers, to speed up your render times.

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u-render performance tips

U-RENDER Quick Tip: Scene Performance

March 2, 2022

Want to get the most out of the real-time features and tools of U-RENDER?  Watch this U-Render Quick tip packed with 12 tips to get the best performance for your scenes.

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realistic kitchen v-ray tutorial

Create a Realistic Kitchen Interior – Pt. 1 & 2

February 22, 2022

Check out this 2 part tutorial series from Chaos on creating a realistic kitchen interior using V-Ray for 3ds Max. 

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in depth gunfire and muzzle flash effects

Gunfire & Muzzle Flash Effects, Part 1

February 22, 2022

In the first article in the series on gunfire & muzzle flash, we break down real gunfire shots, to help add realism to your own effects.

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3D Models World shows how to convert a still image into animated Camera Projection using Autodesk Maya 2022 and Arnold.

Camera Projection with Maya 2022 & Arnold #mayamonday

February 21, 2022

3D Models World shows how to convert a still image into animated Camera Projection using Autodesk Maya 2022 and Arnold. Maya Monday!

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Bifrost Cloth simulation

Bifrost Cloth Simulation #mayamonday

January 31, 2022

SimplyMaya has a new video on how to make cloth simulation that drapes realistically using Bifrost in Maya.

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Learn Software Faster

How to Smash the Learning Curve to Learn Software Faster

January 31, 2022

Have you been wanting to learn new software but don’t know where to start? Don’t have the time? Well, I’m here to help you make it happen.

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DEM Earth Beginner's Guide

DEM Earth Beginner’s Guide

January 26, 2022

Jonathan Winbush has a fantastic overview for DEM Earth, a plugin from CinemaPlugins that works in Maxon Cinema 4D.

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Create Neon Letters with V-Ray and Maya

Create Neon Letters with V-Ray and Maya

January 25, 2022

Carlos Alvarez Velazquez, 3D Graphic Designer and CGI Artist, explains how to use V-Ray and Maya to model and render neon letters.

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